Friday, January 21, 2011

In Times Gone By

Growing Up In Eldora, Pennsylvania seems like two lifetimes ago. The world has changed so fast that keeping up with it is much like running on a tread mill. If you stop, you get pushed off the back side.

But, sometimes it is best to just stand on the sidelines and remember times gone by.

One of those times gone by.

I went back to visit a couple of months ago and things seem to have stood still in time. The buildings in the town of Donora, PA which is just a short hop from Eldora, are all still there, however they are simply standing still. I got a kick out of visiting the old US Post Office, which still has the old post office mail boxes which seem to be antiques, where my Dad would take the daily trip to pickup our mail. The postal workers got a big kick out of my excitement of taking pictures of the inside of the place.

Donora use to be a huge US Steel mill town, but now it is simply a shell of years gone by. Now, the area needs a kick in the rear to get going again. Who knows, maybe someday the area will see a resurgence in life to places gone by.

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